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BaPiFol Company has been on the Polish market for several years. Our packets are used successfully by the producers of food as well as by the producers of bed-wares. We have the recipients on the home and overseas market. Our wares conquer the European market. At present, we are cooperating with the companies from Sweden, Norway and Ukraine where they show a great interest in our products. Our contracting parties consider our cooperation as a fruitful one and they think seriously about it in the future. A big contribution to development of our company is knowledge about market for foil packets and reliable recommendation on a case of choice the appropriate packets for the products. Foils which are used for the packets have the European certificate to use them for food.

We make the packets of foil:

- OPP for packing food:
noodles, tea, health food and ecological food, spices, almonds, raisins, nuts and figs, sugar, bread-stuffs, kindling-fuel for grill and fire-place (bags with thickness of 25 to 40 microns);

- PE with a holder for packing bed-clothes:
blankets, pillows, counterpanes;

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